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Assassins Creed Odyssey Deluxe Edition MULTi15 Repack-FitGirl elladm




As the great island Atlantis sinks into the sea, the fate of man is determined by the things he holds most dear...These are the actions, decisions, and triumphs that will shape the destiny of a man, his family and his people.Packs include the following:-HiDef: 320x180.-HiDef: 352x240.-HiDef: 568x336.-FullHD: 720x405.-FullHD: 736x576.-Original: 1080x540.-Original: 1280x720.-Original: 1920x1080. Future of Humanity Institute[76]What if the most important moments in the evolution of the universe were also the darkest?What if one day, humanity’s highest achievements, such as the last great superpowers and the scientific revolution, had an unexpected outcome?An event that destroyed Earth’s atmosphere and brought about the deaths of billions, the universal extinction of all life, and the beginning of a new cosmic era...Aurum Pathologic[76]This game is for the people who love human life and the beauty of all living things in it.Human souls are stuck in this world of existence by the system of civilization, by which people have to be full-fledged civilized human beings in order to fit into the world of existence.And so, the world is in a state of chaos, where everyone is filled with emptiness, and does everything according to his needs, where people are only concerned with themselves.Fate / Crossing By the Ways of the Cross[76]In the universe of existence, beyond space and time, on a planet floating in an unknown universe and far beyond civilization, the story begins...The process of creation itself is on hold. For the battle of good against evil, and the destruction of one’s own body, is a hidden truth in the hearts of men.But even if mankind were destroyed, the universe itself would continue to evolve, and every living being that exists in the universe, be they plants or animals, will also continue on in the process of evolution.The universe is infinite, and the story of the universe continues endlessly.Fate / The Ancient City The World of the Forsaken[76]Through the mythic events known as the “Resurrection” and the “Second Coming” of Jesus, God created a new world, and then fell into the abyss of hell.At the last and greatest battle between good and evil, the people of this world broke the wall between




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Assassins Creed Odyssey Deluxe Edition MULTi15 Repack-FitGirl elladm

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